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Legal defense costs are on the rise. While most malpractice insurers saw claims level off in the last few years, the expense of defending those claims continues to escalate.

You work hard to be everything to every client. But no matter how diligently you work, there is always a chance that you'll have end up with an unhappy client. "Conflict of interest, as" lawyers move between firms or as firms merge with/acquire one another, is a primary driver of malpractice claims. Other drivers include substantive, procedural and administrative errors in client matters; poor client communication; and inadequate ‍‍‍data security. Contact us to ensure you have the best coverage at a competitive price!

One misstep can wipe out everything yet 75% of businesses are under-insured and the majority of small businesses have no commercial coverage at all. From general property & casualty insurance to worker's compensation & business auto - the right coverage helps you protect what matters. With the assistance of Hailey Insurance, we shop products from major carriers to provide you with the best packaging and pricing for your unique needs.

Contact us to customize your Worker's Comp, Auto, and Business Owner's Policy (BOP)‍‍‍today.

Cyber-crime is constantly evolving and pressure from clients is increasing -- forcing law firms to invest in better security measures. Lawyers are attractive targets for two reasons: (1) they hold onto sensitive client data that hackers can sell on the dark Web, and (2) their internal systems are historically weak, meaning criminals can make quick money by extorting firms with ransomeware.

A managed IT provider can help you transfer‍‍‍ a portion of that risk but having the right insurance coverage in case your systems are compromised is still ‍‍‍critical! Contact us today for a quote!

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