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Cyber-criminals love small businesses & law firms

Security. Managed IT partnerships allow you to securely store, access and collabor‍‍‍ate o‍‍‍n matters and provide data encryption for secure information transfer.

Customizable. Take advantage of cloud storage, business continuity, virtualization services and VoIP phone systems, which enable you to maintain an in-house IT infrastructure, transition your entire network to the cloud, or implement a combination of the two.

Predictable Costs. Whether you have a firm of 5 attorneys or 500, managed IT can deliver exactly the services you need to keep your business running for one predictable monthly fee.

"Management, above all, is a practice where art, science, and craft meet."

‍‍‍Henry Mintz‍‍‍berg

How Managed IT Services Can Help

Law Firm We‍‍‍bsites Miss The Mark

Consider This About Legal Consume‍‍‍rs

So What's The Problem?

Hackers Prey On The Weak

  • Nearly half of all small businesses have been a victim of a cyber-attack because they are often less equipped to protect their systems.
  • 71% of security breaches target small businesses.

Hackers Love Internal Access

  • 77% of all employees leave their computers unattended throughout the workday.
  • Stealing credentials from employees allows hackers to send emails "from your company" to your clients, so they can then attach your clients' systems.
  • Disgruntled former employees pose threats as well, stealing client data, trade secrets, and holding your computers for ransom virtually.

Among small & medium business owners that suffer a cyber-breach, 60% go out of business within six months.

Why Hack‍‍‍ers Love Small Businesses

Website design and management doesn’t have to be difficult and take forever to implement. Transformyx lets you harness control of your content with their Content Management System. That means you can create, manage, deploy, and report on any website from one web-based interface anywhere -- at any time -- for less than you expect -- and without outsourcing or overtaxing your staff.

Yep - We Can Help With That Website Too

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Potential Clients Look For You in Search Engines

  • More than 35% start their search for an attorney using online resources.
  • Even 25-34 year olds were more likely to start their search via a search engine than asking a friend or using social networks.

If your site isn't properly optimized, your next client may never find you.

Once They Find You, Your Website Matters

  • 30% of those seeking a lawyer with a particular expertise began their research by viewing the firm's website. 28% began by reading reviews about you on Google.
  • 11% said the impression created by a firm's website was the most important factor when choosing an attorney.
  • And 31% said they look for information about you elsewhere on the Internet.

Your site needs to be compelling and you must be actively involved on several platforms to reach your audience.