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"Leadership and learning are ‍‍‍indispensable to each other."

John F. Kenned‍‍‍y

Learning & ‍‍‍Development

No single business process has remained static over the last decade. From IT and practice management, to marketing and client development, the legal field has had to adapt to constant change. Training and development also continues to change but - what remains the same is that - proper investment in your workforce produces positive impact on your firm.

What can be measured, can be managed.  

What can be managed, can be improved.

As a legal educator and training specialist, I can help you with:

  • Needs assessment for you and your staff
  • Choice of learning delivery methods
  • Instructional design & delivery of training
  • Measurement of performance improvement

U.S. businesses spend billions (yes... billions, with a 'B') on learning and development. Unfortunately, only about 20% of learning is transferred back to the workplace. At Zenue Legal, we take a blended approach to learning that closely follows Emma Weber's 'Turning Learning Into Action' methodology -- an innovative way to ensure your investment in learning translates into tangible outcomes and measurable performance improvement for your team.

We customize classes and follow-up based on the needs of your firm, for legal software products that cover all aspects of your practice, from management to research and e-discovery to trial presentation.






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Turning Learning Into Action‍‍‍

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Our membership program provides you with ongoing educational opportunities (including FREE CLE) and a personalized learning management system to create learning paths, measure completion, and gauge job-performance improvement.

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