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Just stop the madness that we've built into our profession. Stop reinventing the wheel. Stop being nervous or shy about asking for help. Stop glorifying 'being busy' and stop working hard -- unless you are also working smart.

Join us and let us harness the chaos that's being thrown at you each day. For $299/year, our educational content and learning management system will provide you with only the most critical information you need to maintain your edge, including:

"The strength of the pack is the w‍‍‍olf and the strength of the wolf is the pack."

Rudya‍‍‍‍‍‍rd Kipling

  • Professional continuing education (CLE)
  • Technol‍‍‍ogy & practice management tips
  • Product & workflow recommendations
  • Summaries of critical content from the Web
  • Discounts on certain products & services
  • Quarterly Digest. Digital digest filled with topics our members want to know more about. Your questions and feedback make each quarterly digest better than the last. Have a topic you want more information on? We WANT to hear from you.

For less than a daily Venti Frappuccino, you get:

It's one thing to take a class here or there so you can grab an hour of CLE. It is quite another to plot an educational course for yourself or for your legal team and  to be able to measure job-related improvement after learning. Each Zenue member has access to their own learning portal where they can self-assign and complete classes to enhance their professional performance. You can also assign learning modules to your staff to improve their skills. We provide the learning, as well as analytical insight into learning gaps and educational growth.

Strategic Learning

  • CLE Classes. Online and live CLE classes offered at no additional cost. Topics include best practices in technology, workflow, and practice management; cyber-security; identity theft; legal research; and e-Discovery.
  • Discounted Products & Services. From lifetime price cuts on software we love, to significant savings on services -- we strike great deals with legal providers and pass those perks along to you.

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