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The effect of distractions

You don't need data to tell you that distractions kill your concentration. But the cumulative effect of distractions on productivity is remarkable. The average office worker loses up to 546 hours per year, due to multi-tasking. That's equates to 2.1 hours lost each day because we try to do too many things at one time.

A 2016 survey found that law firms spend much of their 8-hour workday (5.7 hours) on "non-billable" activities. Specifically, firms reported that - on average - only:

  • 2.3 hours/day were considered "billable";
  • 1.9 hours/day were actually billed to a client;
  • AND ONLY 1.6 hours/day resulted in collected revenue

A ‍‍‍deeper dive in 2017 found that the majority of non-billable time was dedicated to administrative tasks (48%) and business development (33%).

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